Where Neville's Coffee Comes From March 22 2017, 0 Comments

Our coffee comes from Coffea arabica trees. The average coffee tree will produce about 1 pound of beans a year. The US drinks more coffee than any other nation, and only has two tropical regions that can grow coffee trees, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. So we import our coffee to the tune of 3.3 billion pounds a year. That means it takes 3.3 billion trees yielding 1 pound of beans a year just to cover our US coffee habit. 


A Coffee Tree will yield a fruit called cherries, which when ripe resemble cranberries in shape and color. They are washed and dried and the outer flesh is removed revealing two beans per cherry. Those beans are then roasted to perfection using our proprietary recipe. We do our roasting right here in the USA.


The Most important thing is that we deliver to you USDA Organic coffee beans that are the highest quality. Additionally, we have solved the problem of the bitter after-taste in our proprietary processing. With absolutely no bitter after-taste you can really enjoy our top quality "best darn cup of coffee"!